Our Quality Products

We sell textiles, clothing, fur, footwear and leather goods. It also sells a variety of products. Wholesale of textiles is one of our main activities. Non-specialized wholesale, mail order or Internet retail.

In addition to the above, we are engaged in retail trade of furniture, lighting equipment and other household items in specialized stores.

Retail trade of other goods through counters and markets is also within our range of interests.

We also carry out freight transport by road and in our assortment there are services related to land transport.

In addition, our competence includes specialized project activities.

What We Do


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If you are interested in any question regarding our fields of activity: you want to buy or sell textiles or clothing, are engaged in wholesale or retail trade in various things, furniture, lighting equipment, or you need transport services, you can contact our specialists who will be happy to help you to resolve all your questions and problems, as well as provide qualified consulting support


Committed to value-added services and solid reputation

Highest quality goods

We purchase all goods directly from official importers and distributors. We protect our reputation

Service quality

We believe that the expression "The client is always right" is true and relevant as never before. In practice, this means that we always listen and hear our customers.

Widest assortment

We are constantly growing, finding new suppliers-importers and with us the assortment and selection of goods is growing.

Qualified and courteous staff

All our employees are highly qualified and have extensive experience, each in their own field. We respect and value our clients, we save their time and, accordingly, money!